The original sounded slightly muffled compared to Schoeps, so #2 got the same mod. I’ll keep these capsules unless some problem turns up in use.

There are other capsules which will fit a pencil body like this, so if it turns out I don’t like these, there are options from Transound, Primo, and generic eBay or AliExpress items. There are circuit boards with versions of the generic Chinese mic circuit available on your favorite website. I modded a few with different capacitors and noise filtering for my projects.

The generic boards won’t fit into a DRC100 body because the electrolytic caps are too tall, and as mentioned, the boards are too wide. It’s close enough that by moving the printed circuit to the other side of pins 1& 2 and putting one of the added caps on the back of the PCB, it will fit.

I did a quick listen to recorded music, comparing with other mics. Thumbs up. Time will tell how much these get used, but they have the characteristics I am looking for.