Here’s a quickie and a cheapie.


The minimum microphone

The miniature mic.

That’s it. Gutless wonder.

The usual pictures from the workbench:

This isn’t my idea. I read about it from Richard Lee who credits David McGriffy . . .

Whoever thought it up, I love it.

What you wind up with is an omnidirectional mic with characteristics much like an instrumentation / measurement mic. You should probably stuff the shell or rubber boot of the XLR with some cotton to eliminate the hollow cavity, and you can glue a piece of felt or foam as a windscreen over the end if you’re going to be using it outdoors or up close and personal with something loud and thumpy.

Try it - you’ll be surprised.

The works.


Where’s the mic?

Oh there it is!

A bit of shrink tubing for insulation and strength

One of the mics tended to hum, so some foil shielding was added.