Pictures taken while fixing some old AKG C-451 EB mics.

There are three major pieces to the CK1 capsule, the shell & the screens, the diaphragm & backplate assembly, and the connector. The shell appears to be machined from brass and the very dense screens appear to be steel. The connector is brass with a plastic insert.

More pictures:

The backplate assembly consists of a drilled plate surrounded by a plastic insulator to which the diaphragm is glued. There are more pieces of plastic and brass in the acoustic labyrinth behind the backplate. Since there isn’t an obvious way to take things apart further, and not wanting to destroy the mic, the interior of the assembly remains a mystery. Screwed together or glued together, this one didn’t yield further secrets.

Of note, the connector piece doesn’t appear to be shaped specially to avoid resonance. In some mic capsules like the Neumann KK84, this area is conical, directing sound toward the side vents. Perhaps this small cavity behind the element accounts for some of the brightness of the CK1.