Neumann KM-84i

small diameter condenser.

The KM-84 is my go-to mic because it sounds open and natural on nearly any source. It doesn’t emphasize anything and it doesn’t miss anything. It’s predictable and not quirky. It’s also one I’ve worked with a long time. Familiarity breeds respect for a dependable tool.

In my test setup it doesn’t measure as flat as Neumann specifies. Firstly, there is a large cardioid LF proximity boost from the extremely close working distance. There is a dip around 10 KHz which I suspect is due to the proximity of the speaker to the rear ports. This is an area for further investigation. Matched pair, consecutive serial numbers. Sound sample here.

Green KM-84 #1, Cyan KM-84 #2, Yellow EMM-6 omni reference